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We won’t bore you with tech talk, unless you actually want all the details, then we’re more than happy to oblige.We just get on with all the complex behind the scenes SEO stuff using our super effective strategies to start generating more leads to increase your profits.You’ve probably been rung, E-mailed, Skyped or messaged by every SEO Company on the Gold Coast, across Australia and from India and other strange places. All of them guaranteeing the number one Google spot. We are a local Gold Coast Company that understands the local market.

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We know that search engine optimisation is different for different businesses. We  take into account:

  • The geographical location of your customers. Do they come from your suburb, the Gold Coast, South East Queensland, Australia or the entire globe?
  • The demographics of your customer, their age group, interests, sex, income etc.
  • The most powerful keywords to bring the most traffic to your website.
  • Who you see as your “A team” customer. Those customers you love to have around. (Not the grumpy, cheap ones who begrudge every dollar they spend)
  • How many competitors and how strong those competitors are in your chosen market place.

What Our Happy Customers Say!

We can highly recommend Trish and Andrew for SEO, Web Design, Google Adwords and Internet Marketing; simply check out our new Screensnmore website, (it is great); they have guided us through the whole process and are delivering the results already. So grateful.


Luke and Brian -

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for all the excellent work you’ve done on creating a great website that’s converting well and giving me a fantastic return on my investment.

Glen Carter -

I really liked how Andrew was straight to the point and no rehearsed sales pitch. One thing that Andrew said to me in our first meeting that still rings in my mind “its time to get control of your business” and that is exactly what Andrew has given me control and the service he has promised.

I would highly recommend Andrew & Trish to anyone except my competitors

Karen Allen -

Every business must have a website these days and if it isn’t bringing you new customers you might as well shut it down however if you are serious about attracting more business, in the words of Molly Meldrum do yourself a favour and speak to Trish or Andrew at SEO Gold Coast.

Kathy Hogan -

We Customise All Our “SEO”, “YouTube” And “Social Media”
Efforts To Match Your Business

We also know business is tough on the Gold Coast at the moment, but we also know that more than 80% of people search for products and services on-line. If you are not on the first page for Google and You Tube you are missing out on 80% of all potential new customers.  What a scary thought!


Are You Looking For Total Market Domination?
Then Add Google Pay Per Click To Your SEO Mix

Remember earlier on how we discovered that Google really is not our friend? They are a business out to make money for themselves. Believe it or not, this is where PPC management comes into the picture. Since Google is always going to do what’s right for Google, relying solely on search engines and organic rankings is a surefire way to keep your company vulnerable to the latest algorithm updates. No matter how much we would love to tell you that we know it all and your website will never be affected by a ranking update, that’s just not the truth. We would not want to start out our relationship by lying to you, so recognise that we will do everything in our power to keep you at the top of the search engines but it’s impossible to guarantee it forever with the ups and downs of Google algorithm changes. Organic listings are awesome. Do not get us wrong. They are responsible for our success, but they are not our only channel for website traffic.That’s where PPC management comes into the picture…As a business owner, you want access to as much traffic as possible. And in order to achieve maximum success, tapping into pay per click is a fantastic way to expand your reach tremendously.

That’s what it’s all about, right? You’re looking to grow your company and it really shouldn’t matter how you achieve this result. Just as long as it is effective.

We provide a clear-cut PPC management service in conjunction with our SEO services. Or if you prefer, we can focus solely on pay per click and forget about search engine marketing if that’s what you desire. But most of our customers use both of these services hand-in-hand.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Defining a campaign strategy – once your accounts are fully set up, we will put together all necessary ad groups for your campaigns.
  • Keyword research & keyword selection – at this stage of the game, it’s all about discovering the best keyword terms in your niche. We will handpick all of the keyword phrases that we feel are the most relevant to your market. Then our testing will determine which phrases are working and which ones need to be cut.
  • Expert ad copy – as your pay per click strategy unfolds, we will also provide effective, compelling and customised ad text and creatives. We will attract the attention of your prospects and potential customers. We will entice searchers to click your links with our expert copywriting. This is perfect for those looking to maximise ROI and increase conversion rates.
  • Landing page optimisation – we thoroughly test all landing pages. This will help us to choose the perfect destination for your visitors.
  • Tracking & conversions – we have proprietary and customised tools that we use in order to correctly track online PPC advertisements. We will be able to figure out which creatives, keywords and advertisements are working. We will push the winners and kill the losers. That’s how to properly optimise a campaign.
  • PPC submissions – we will submit all keywords and creatives on your behalf. As we run the campaigns and sort the data, we will continuously update and modify your campaigns.
  • Assessments and recommendations – after running your PPC campaigns for a while, we will begin to notice the successful trends and failures. We will be able to make clear-cut recommendations based on the data that we have gathered. By following our advice, you’ll have an opportunity to lower your ad spend while increasing your return on investment and customer retention.
  • PPC reports – we will provide reports and analysis for all of your pay per click campaigns. This will allow you to see exactly where you are having success and it will show the areas that are not as successful. Use these reports and data to perfectly optimise your pay per click campaigns.



Today’s Critical Ranking Factors:
Website Design & On-Page Structure

Two critical factors often overlooked in ranking conversation are website design and on-page structure. In fact, companies that struggle to make it online typically suffer in both of these areas. Their website is not user friendly enough and their site structure is not set up correctly for optimal rankings. Note: “User Experience” is a significant factor in the Panda algorithm. You need to ensure that your content is easily accessible, is engaging and unique.We would like to help you correct these issues, so pay attention to our formula for a perfectly optimised website.

A website ideally optimised may include some or all of the following:

  • Hyper relevance – each webpage should focus on a specific topic. As an example, a webpage could focus solely on a single object or a specific product.
  • Include the subject of the content in the title tag, as well as relevant keyword phrases.
  • Include the subject of the content in the URL, including relevant keyword phrases.
  • Include the subject in the image alt text, including relevant keyword phrases.
  • Use relevant keyword phrases and synonyms several times throughout the written content.
  • When writing about a specific topic, make sure that the content is compelling and unique.
  • Have an internal link going to the category page.
  • Have an internal link going to the subcategory page when applicable.
  • Have an internal link going to the home page.

This is how to perfectly optimise a webpage. This will give you the best chance at attaining a high first page ranking when combined with other relevant SEO factors.

As far as website design is concerned…

Without a properly designed website, you will have a difficult time retaining the attention of potential customers. People want to look at easy-to-use, attractive websites. They want menus (navigation) that are easy to follow and they want the ability to find whatever it is they’re looking for on your site as simply as they can. The rule is that a visitor should be able to find all of your content with 2 clicks.

We can help with quality web design. We specialise in this area and can help improve your overall click through rate and customer retention.

By combining our web design skills and on-page optimisation skills, we’ve helped many of our customers achieve their goals online quicker than they expected. Never ignore site structure and web design again. It’s that important to your overall success.

There Are Websites That Will NEVER Rank Because Of Their Structure.

Web Designers May Tell You They Understand, But They Don’t

As SEO Experts We Build All Our Websites So That They Are Structured To Rank In Google



Recent Google Updates Make Ranking New Websites Even Harder!

Because we pay close attention to what the search engines, particularly Google, are up to, we have recognised that it’s becoming more and more difficult to rank new websites since mid May 2014. Many people are wondering if Google has made another change. Maybe they added another filter that’s making it tough to grab those coveted first page listings?We’ve scoured the web and used information based on our own experiences to help solve the case. And what it all comes down to is this… We’ve learned that Google has implemented two crucial updates very recently. These updates are making it much tougher to crack the first page of the search engine results (SERPs).But all hope is not lost. Please keep that in mind. Now that we’ve figured out what Google is up to, we can come up with a workaround to snatch up first page listings in no time at all.

Curious about the latest algorithm updates? Here’s a quick look at the details that we’ve uncovered…

Two Crucial Google Updates & How They Affect Rankings

Google are up to their old tricks again. They constantly update their algorithms in order to keep SEOs and Internet strategists on their toes. Algorithm updates are a challenge we relish. They often knock the competition down a peg or two and scare away those that can’t handle the emotional roller coaster that is Google rankings. But each update is based on concrete and identifiable factors and, if you have the time and the resources, you can unlock secrets that will positively impact your Internet visibility. Note: If you think you may have been the victim of a Google algorithm update — maybe your enquiries and sales suddenly dried up — then you should take a look at this link.

As far as the two major updates go, the big changes taking place in the Google algorithm include:

Page 1 Ranking Delay

Yes, it’s true. Based on our own personal experience, plus information that we’ve gathered from private masterminds and Internet marketing related forums; all point to Google implementing a new first page ranking delay. They added this filter back in the middle of May 2014.For the most part, this delay has everything to do with brand-new websites and webpages. If you’re starting a new website or adding new pages of content to your existing site, please realise that it will take at least a month, and in more competitive niches a lot longer, in order for these pages to start ranking. In the past, it was as quick as a week or even less sometimes. New content is slow to build up steam under the new Google algorithm conditions.This update is very new, so truthfully we are still uncertain as to why the delay is in place and how it works. We’re wondering if it’s some kind of a site penalty, or if it could potentially be a penalty that is placed on new backlinks. The main thing we have noticed is that it has a major impact on brand-new sites or non-authority sites. To achieve visibility online you need to take a long-term approach.  Moving forward, new clients must please keep this in mind. It will take a little longer to start seeing the results of the fruits of our labours, but we will get you to the Promised Land. We will get you to the top of the Google rankings on the first page. It’s a matter of resolve, patience and time!

Google Plus Author Photos Removed In The SERPs

Next, we reported recently that links to Google Plus websites and profiles are no longer showing the name and photo next to the search engine results. This unfortunately hurts click through rates, because listings with the photo get more click throughs than those without, so this will have a major impact on click through rates on the search engine results pages.But here’s the real kicker…Google, in its infinite wisdom, still show the photo on Google Plus profiles. As an example, the article posted on your website will no longer have the G+ photo on the site, but the profile that links to the article is still going to have the photo. Google in essence did this in order to generate more traffic to Google Plus, and it’s a sneaky way to do so.

What Kind of Impact Will the Two Search Engine Algorithm Changes Have on Search Marketing?

Ultimately, here’s what we’ve boiled this all down to…

Google is looking to frustrate search engine specialists with the ranking delay. Not only that, but it also shows that they are going to continue to focus on big brands and forget about the little guy. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It just means that they are focused on larger authority sites and pay less attention to brand-new websites that are just starting out.

As far as the author picture removal is concerned, we feel that Google is doing everything in their power to push Google Plus. They’re willing to sacrifice the quality of the search engine results in order to make this happen.

This proves more and more that Google really is not our friend. They do whatever they can to help their business, even at the expense of millions of other small businesses all around the world. They aren’t here to help you. They are a multibillion dollar conglomerate that happens to control the majority of the search market. As a Gold Coast business owner looking to take advantage of the Internet, please remember that Google is not on your side. We will use them and they will use us as often as possible. But do not discard the fact that Google will steamroll over you without even thinking about it if it will benefit their company.

For year we have recognised that to rely on Google solely for traffic is foolhardy. They can wipe you out overnight and it doesn’t matter how big and powerful you are; was taken out by a Panda update in 2011, lost 90% of its visibility overnight and may never get back to its glory days.

How the Semantic Web is changing the Future of Search Marketing

Now we’ve come to a topic that some of you may have heard of, but since it’s so new there’s very little information regarding the semantic web online. You probably have many questions that need answering. You probably wonder how these changes are going to affect your website and online presence in the future.A Brief History When Tim Berners-Lee first envisioned the semantic web, he originally described it as a way of combining the Internet into a web of uniquely structured data. His belief was that the Internet, in all of its infinite wisdom, would ultimately end up organising itself through human interaction. His belief is that people would end up taking these actions as a way to help everyone for the common good.As we all know, things haven’t necessarily played out this way. Human interaction definitely plays a role in how the Internet is organised, but when people take action it does not necessarily happen for the common good. They take these actions for their own agendas and interests. The common good is barely an afterthought if anything.
So, the semantic web is all about the way the Internet is organised. That’s the gist of it and it’s the absolute future of search marketing.Here’s the great thing about it…Since we understand it so thoroughly, we also know how to dominate it.Our recipe for semantic web domination is simple. Take a look… How to Conquer the Semantic Web The semantic web is going to separate the wheat from the chaff whether you realise it or not. It’s going to separate those serious about building an online business from those who look at it as a hobby. Our recipe for success includes:

  • Fill the Internet with massive amounts of quality content. This content must be informational, valuable and knowledgeable. It must help all of those who read it.
  • Your blog or website must be simple and easy to navigate.
  • Social media plays a major role in the semantic web. Use it along with your blog in order to generate interest about your products and services and other company information. You need to have people talking about you and your business. This will create a snowball effect of awesomeness surrounding your company.
  • Create quality content that gets shared all over the Internet. Social media is especially powerful for this part of the strategy. Make sure that your content is liked, shared and +1’d on on social media channels that are relevant to your business.
  • A strong social media presence is a must in order to conquer the semantic web. This will allow you to thoroughly engage with prospects and current customers.
  • Become a member of the online conversation. You can do this by updating your social media accounts and sharing fresh content on a regular basis. Make sure all of the information that you share is valuable in some way or another. Being funny is always a great way to go viral, so if you can include comedy in your content then you’ll have no problem succeeding!
  • Connect all of your online activities together in a web. That’s the beauty of the semantic web. It’s all connected and it creates a major shield around all of your valuable web assets (i.e. blogs, social media accounts, etc.) and allows each and every one of these valuable channels to rank highly in the search engines.
  • By using the semantic web to its fullest, and following the guidelines set forth for you, you will have no choice but to become the biggest authority in your market. You will be the leader in your field and the go-to company that everyone loves and respects.

We understand that this is a lot to take in. That’s why you need our help. Nobody can do all of this alone, but when you have a team of professionals working hand-in-hand with you to help your business dominate, you can’t help but succeed.

Engagement & How it Improves Google Ranking

Everybody wants to improve their Google rankings. Our recipe for conquering the semantic web is a fantastic way to dominate the search engine results pages as well as the Internet in general! But we wanted to focus on engagement as part of its own topic as well.More than anything else, Google and the other Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo want their customers to have a good experience. In order for their customers to have a good experience, they have to provide relevant results on websites that are user friendly and engaging. What does this mean for you? If you manage to create a user-friendly website and offer a phenomenal user experience, Google and the other search engines will recognise this. They will begin to rank your content higher on the search engine results pages as a result. How will the search engines know that people are having a good user experience? This is where social signals come into the picture. Social signals are now part of all ranking algorithms. The search engines are looking for large amounts of social signals in order to determine the content that people like the most.As an example, if you posted an article to your blog that has 2000 Facebook likes, 150 Google pluses and a bunch of shares through other social media channels, the odds are definitely in your favour that the content is going to rank highly in the search engines without much effort on your part. The search engines – especially Google – will pick up on all of the social media activity and realise that your content is worthy of a listing at the top of the search engines for that particular topic.

Engagement is so important for search engine rankings, and as you can see, it could mean the difference between success and failure. So create engaging content that your customers will love. Not only will this help grow your customer base, but it will get your company in front of more potential prospects and eventually turn into greater sales.

You might say that your industry and what you could write about is boring. However, the people looking for your goods or services are vitally interested in what you have to say. So, say it well!

In the end, achieving success online through search engine optimisation and PPC marketing is easier than you think, as long as you have the right expert in your corner leading the way. We are that expert, so please call our office to schedule a free consultation.