Build Trust on Social Media for Better Conversions

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As business and website owners, it is our job to convince our fan bases to ultimately end up becoming paying customers. And if you want to last in business for any length of time, this is an important job that you must learn how to master. Conversions are the lifeblood of every business. You may be getting tons of traffic to your websites and social media pages at this point, but without being able to convert those of visitors into customers, you ultimately have nothing. It’s important to note that you can use social media as a way to increase trust and gain better conversions in your industry. We would like to point out some powerful ways that you can begin using social media today to increase trust and conversions in your business relatively quickly. Use Current Events to Your Advantage One of the easiest ways to gain trust with your audience is to use current events going on around you to your advantage. When on social media, it is wise to talk about certain current events and put your own unique spin on these things. As an example, your audience will relate to you more if you talk about current events on your social media sites. Share pictures of things that are … [Read more...]

Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely: Focus On SEO

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It's extremely important that you actually have an online marketing budget. The Yellow Pages are dead - have been for many years now - and judging by the number of my clients who have tried Yellow Pages Online Marketing and ditched them in frustration at the lack of results they achieved, it might not be too long before their online division goes the way of the dodo as well. When it comes to online marketing, many business owners have a tough time figuring out where they should begin. They know that they have to market their company on the Internet if they are going to succeed, but there are many avenues to take as far as online promotion is concerned. The thing is that most companies often jump around from one method to the next without ever really giving any single one a chance. This is the wrong way to begin your online marketing efforts and quite frankly it’s going to frustrate you and potentially turn you away from the Internet altogether. In order to succeed and bring new business into your company, businesses need to spend their marketing budget wisely. And the wisest way to spend a marketing budget is to focus on search engine optimisation. There are many … [Read more...]

The Best Types of Content to Attract Backlinks


Let’s face it, search engine optimisation can be a real pain in the neck from time to time. Getting high quality backlinks to help boost your rankings may not always seem like the easiest thing to accomplish. Sure, all SEO specialists know how to build links manually. But this takes time, effort and patience. And it’s time, effort and patience that many people might not have. There is another way to build quality backlinks to your website without having to undergo the manual labor of link building. We’re talking about creating the right kind of content that you can share on social media that will attract hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of high quality backlinks, social shares and more. When you create the right content and post it on your website, it is bound to attract many high quality shares which ultimately result in high quality backlinks. When your posts go viral, it’s an awesome way to get tons of high quality backlinks for free. And that’s the name of the game in the world of search engine optimisation. The winner gets the highest quality, free backlinks the most often. That’s enough rambling about the value of attracting backlinks with the right content. … [Read more...]

Google Panda 4.2 Is Rolling Out (Slowly)


Anyone doing business online in any capacity needs to know that Google has their Panda 4.2 update currently underway. While this update might not have an immediate effect on you, it is going to be slowly rolled out over the course of the next few months, so changes are going to take place on a day by day basis. This Panda algorithm update will certainly effect the rankings, by as much as 2-3% of English search queries, and it certainly might have an effect on your search engine positions as well. This does not necessarily have to be the end of the world as long as you are prepared. And if you have been making the necessary changes and acting in accordance with all of the other Panda updates, then this one should not have any major effect on your websites. The Google Panda 4.2 Update Is Happening Very Slowly For many of you reading this, the latest Panda 4.2 update might be a complete surprise to you. Most updates usually happen very quickly and the effects on the search engine rankings are immediately noticeable. Not with this particular update though. On the contrary, Google is rolling this update out incredibly slowly. So it’s difficult to notice since the changes are … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Publish Content to Gain More Exposure


The majority of marketers and business owners will focus on building up their own audience. This makes a great deal of sense from a marketing perspective, but it’s not always the right way to go when looking to expand your business. What do we mean? It’s often difficult to build a sizable audience of people that are interested in the products and services that you sell. It’s often tough to get a group of people to become interested in the content and information that you’re sharing online. This is even truer when you are first starting out on the Internet. Many a business owner has sat down scratching his or her head trying to figure out how to crack the code. Well instead of immediately trying to develop your own audience, you need to begin borrowing other people’s audiences. This is what direct marketers have been doing for years. They rent lists of buyers with interests and attributes similar to the products and services that they sell. We’re not telling you to run out and rent a list of buyers. But we are about to share three interesting ways to publish content while borrowing other people’s audiences as a way to gain more exposure online. This is also going … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Increase Online Sales

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As a business owner entering into the world of online marketing, it is incredibly important to understand that testing all aspects of your sales funnel is one of the major keys to success. You can literally spend years on the Internet and get nowhere if you do not have a strategy in place and you do not test out various aspects of your offers. And the other thing is this: you will not know if an idea will work to your benefit without testing it. It would be a shame to let good marketing ideas go to the wayside because nobody took the time to test the idea to see what it would do. We’d like to help you increase your online sales. There are a number of different aspects of your marketing funnel that you can test, tweak and change to increase overall sales, email opt in rates and more. Let’s dive right in without further interruption. Things to Test to Increase Online Sales Here are some crucial areas to test in no particular order: Try only selling one product or service on your homepage – this may seem counter-intuitive if you offer many products and services, but you’d be surprised at how effective this can truly be. In a perfect world, you’d even take the … [Read more...]

2 Reasons Why Websites Don’t Make Money

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As business owners, our main objective to owning a website is making money, plain and simple. We build our websites in order to enhance our brand, create relationships in our market and most importantly, sell our products and services. But if your website doesn’t deliver on any of these fronts then it really isn’t living up to its true objective. Unfortunately, business owners and Internet marketing experts alike make simple mistakes when setting up their website. And these mistakes might not seem all that huge on the surface, but they often accumulate and are responsible for poor conversions and sales. We want website owners to take notice. We want to put the control back in your hands. If you eliminate the mistakes that we are about to share with you, and do your best to fix up the mix ups, then you’ll have a much easier time improving conversions, enhancing your brand and making sales. #1 – You Have an Ugly Website, Let’s Face It! When a user visits your website, it literally takes them about a half a second to decide whether or not they are going to trust you, your content and if they believe it’s worthy of their time. That’s all you get. A half a second. Maybe … [Read more...]

SEO Strategies to Stay Relevant Through 2016


We are about halfway through 2015 at this point, and many business owners and content marketers continue to go with the flow and perform keyword research, content marketing, backlink building and conversion optimization. But you have to wonder… “When is Google going to put out its next Internet shattering update? When are they going to knock my rankings down a peg?” Working hard is one thing. But working smart will keep you relevant in the SEO game now and all throughout 2016 and beyond. You have to keep the momentum that you have going until next year. But you have to do so the right way so that you do not suffer any penalties when the next update finally rears its ugly head. We’d like to share three powerful SEO strategies with you today. If you implement these strategies, you’ll give Google and the other search engines exactly what they want. So you won’t need to worry about the next update. If you’re feeding the Google monster his favorite snack, than you’re keeping him happy. And that’s the only way to stay relevant in 2015, 2016 and beyond. Strategy #1: Sending Social Signals Undoubtedly you feel that all of your social media activities are a real slog. … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Paying Attention To Google

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Many of you have been in the SEO trenches for a long time. And many of you that have been in this game for a while understand that it’s important to listen to what Google is saying to you, or to read between the lines and figure out what they are not saying to you. When you use this information that they blatantly put out to the world, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the bigger changes that are happening. And this will also help you to avoid search engine disasters and issues that are small and large.   And there are undoubtedly others of you reading this that are just getting their feet wet in the search engine optimisation game. You’re the business owners that are afraid of the ups and downs that typically come with search engine rankings when you do not pay attention to what’s going on. But if you start listening to Google, you’ll start to see better and more consistent success in ways that you’ve never been able to pull off before. We are now going to take a look at a few examples of things that Google has told us to about changes that they were making. This will help to give you a solid idea of why paying attention to Google is of vast … [Read more...]

Video Keywords

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A powerful way to get a lot more traffic going to your video is to get it to rank highly in the search engines for certain keyword phrases. And since Google owns YouTube, it’s incredibly beneficial from an SEO perspective to post your videos on this website. Google loves to rank YouTube videos highly in the search engines, so posting videos on their site will help to propel your rankings to the top of the first page of Google. Video keywords are an absolute must if you are going to acquire high search engine rankings for your videos. So it ultimately makes the most sense to find the perfect keywords to base your videos around. You’ll appreciate the added SEO juice, and having the right keywords will help to focus your content so that you can provide the perfect user experience and make Google very happy at the same time. With that said, we would like to help you choose the best video keywords for your content. And we would also like to provide some suggestions to help you rank these videos highly in the search engines. So that’s what we’ll do right now. How To Choose The Best Video Keywords Before you even begin creating your video content, the first necessary step is … [Read more...]