How To Spend Your Yellow Pages Budget In The Digital Age


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast At one point, it was smart business to advertise your company in the Yellow Pages. But as time went by, this became an expensive way to throw away a good advertising budget. You see, as the world becomes more accustomed to the Internet, the latest trend is to use the search engines to find company websites and other information online. There’s no point advertising in the Yellow Pages any longer because no one is looking there to find products or services; at least not to the degree that they once were. So, this begs the question… “What are you doing with your Yellow Pages advertising budget right now?” Are you still spending it on this ineffective means of advertising? Or have you decided to just put the money in your pocket instead? Here’s the thing… Whether advertising in the Yellow Pages or not, you need to get your company out in front of the right prospects and potential customers. Without having a consistent lead flow, your company is bound to falter and fail. Are you excited about the changes in business? Or are you worried about losing your company altogether because you do not know how to compete in today’s digital … [Read more...]

The Future of the Internet and Business

Internet Marketing

Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast What is the Future of the Internet and Business as we know it? For some online businesses, change can be devastating. Your business may be riding high in the search engines and bringing in thousands of highly qualified, targeted visitors to your site each and every month. This is an amazing ride and as a business owner there’s no doubt that you’re making a killing off of this wave of free traffic. But then something happens. Google decides to update their search engine and those coveted first page rankings that you once had disappear in the blink of an eye. You go from Internet rock star to online pauper just like that. Is the Internet changing? Is there any way to protect your business? How do you bring in leads and customers without relying so heavily on Google? We’ll answer these questions and more throughout the rest of this article. If you’re feeling the sting of the latest Panda 2.1 update, have no fear. You may have to change the way you do things. You may have to stretch and expand your reach, but the Internet isn’t dead. The world hasn’t come to an end. You can resurrect your business with the right information and a little … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Looking After Your Customers


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast In today's ultra-competitive business environment, being profitable requires much more than simply persuading people to buy your product, or use your service. If these customers only buy once and don't come back, your business is unlikely to succeed. This is why, whatever the nature of your business, customer care is of paramount importance. One of the main reasons for this is that according to research, recruiting every new customer costs a business six times more than retaining an existing one, because of the expense of advertising and sales calls. In fact, the cost of acquiring a new customer often exceeds the value of that customer's purchase. This means that the effort put in to retaining quality customers ultimately pays serious dividends. These dividends become apparent in a range of different ways, in addition to repeat business, which of course is vital. If you are in a fiercely competitive market, it is a way you can differentiate yourself from the competition. If another company is providing  a similar product at a similar price, the provider with the better customer care will win every time. Without this, there might be little to … [Read more...]

7 Keys To Creating An Internet Marketing Strategy


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast We are in an economy that is highly competitive.  Many businesses have reduced their marketing budget substantially.  Personally I disagree with this strategy as the core to any business is to bring on new customers.  If you do not have sufficient customers, you do not have a business.  But whatever marketing budget you have, you need to spend it very wisely and have a solid, well thought out, scheduled strategy to get the best return on investment. No matter the size or intent of your business, being successful requires the development and consistent implementation of a clear internet marketing strategy.  Before you ever consider creating a website, brochure, advertisement, logo, or even a Facebook page, you must first begin by mapping a path to success through the development of a consistent, focused marketing strategy. Here are 5 keys to creating an effective marketing strategy: 1. Defining Your Product Or Service It is crucial that you know exactly what product or service that you are in the business of delivering so that you can very clearly and concisely convey the correct message to your correct audience. Further, it is also … [Read more...]