Can Your Business Do Without Computer Backups?

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Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast If you are like most people, you keep most of your data nowadays only on computer, in digital format. Paper files, photograph albums and music tapes are consigned to history. In other words, all your life is on your computer. So what would you do if you lost it all? The idea is frightening enough for your personal records, but for a business, it could spell absolute disaster. The surprising thing is that there are still large numbers of personal and business users who have never got around to considering the idea of computer backups, even though they know they ought to. Perhaps you are one of them. In most cases the thinking seems to be that data is lost through calamitous events like fire and flood, and these are so unlikely to happen that backing up is not a justifiable expense. Actually, this could not be further from the truth. Apart from the fact that fires and floods seem to happen on an increasingly frequent basis, there are plenty of other, less dramatic, events that can cause data loss and computer crashes, and these can happen at any time. Let Me Tell You My Story... Last week, I was working on my nearly 3 year old computer with my … [Read more...]

Dropbox Review


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast These days we all have multiple computing devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, PC and Mac, and it can be a huge issue to ensure that you have the file you need right now on the device you are currently working on. File sizes these days are larger than ever. Trying to find a way to send files from one user to another user or just to one of your devices can be a big pain. Dropbox solves these issues rather neatly. It is a rather clever file sharing service that is easy to install, easy to use and comes with a free plan that allows you 2 GB of space. To get more space Dropbox has plans that include $10 per month for 100 GB right up to $50 per month for 500 GB Dropbox allows access to all your files no matter what device you are working on because it’s an Internet based service. When you download Dropbox you sign up for your own account with your own secure username and password. With Dropbox it is possible to gain fast access to your files. Most files upload and sync quickly. We do a lot of work with videos and these large files can take quite a while to sync. You can share files remotely which means that Dropbox is suitable for … [Read more...]

Best Backup Software


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast I Have Now Upgraded to Acronis True Image 2013 And It Is Even Better Click Here To Access A 30 Day FREE  Trial Version Of Acronis True Image Home and Click Here To Download A FREE Version of Drop Box   Both Acronis True Image Home 2012 and Drop Box have excellent, short and easy to understand Wizards that show you how to set them up.  Even if you aren't a computer guru they can both be set up in minutes.  I am more than happy to help if you have an issue and remember Acronis has free technical support for the first 30 days.     … [Read more...]

Free Task Management Software


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast I have finally found a Free Task Management Software that I really love and that actually works for me. I have made a quick Video on Teux Deux, its features and how I use it. Teux Deux also have a version of this free management software for your iphone and are working on a version for the Android.  They charge $2.99 for the iphone App. One other thing, make sure you read the FAQ's section, these guys have a great sense of humour! Click on this link to access this free management software: … [Read more...]

Sending Emails While Travelling


Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast Sending emails while travelling can be a real challenge. Have you ever been logged into the local Wi-fi with your laptop trying to clean up urgent emails before you get on a plane only to discover when you get to your destination the emails are still sitting in your Out Box? This has happened to me in airports, overseas in Hotels, Internet Cafes, a variety of places.  It has even happened to me when I have been logged into clients Internet servers. So frustrating. I have found a solution to sending emails while travelling provide a service that allows you to send emails from anywhere in the world from your laptop, whether it is a PC or a Mac.  It even works on your Ipad or Smart phone. They have a totally free version that allows you to send 200 emails a month.  You can sign up, they don't ask for your credit card details.  I only go in and change my outgoing mail to smtp2go when I am away. With the free version you can send from only one email address. You still receive all emails via your normal provider.  smtp2go only sends your emails. The standard paid version is super cheap and allows you to email from … [Read more...]

Free Email Data Base Marketing – Under 2000 Subscribers

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Andrew Riedel, SEO Gold Coast Did you know that it can take up to 9 connections with a potential customer before they buy your product or service? The question you should be asking yourself is .......  "How do I ensure I get  those 9 connections"? And if your business is new or a bit short of money, "How do I do it for free............"? One way is to use the power of an Email Data Base Marketing system and create an Email Auto Responder series that goes out to your potential customers Did you know that you are not able to email a potential client list from "Outlook".  If you add too many emails to an Outlook Email, your email will end up not being delivered or in the spam folder. To email a reasonable number of potential clients you need a professional email system. They range in price depending on the number of subscribers you have and the number of emails you wish to send every month.  The price usually increases as the number of subscribers and emails sent increase. Some have a free trial for 30 days and others have a free service for a small number of subscribers and email messages. We have found an excellent system   -   MailChimp It is free while … [Read more...]