Lead Conversion Strategies

Imagine If You Could TRIPLE Your Monthly Profit?

Would That Dramatically Change Your Business
In Today’s Tough Economic Times?

And yes, this strategy will substantially increase your turnover but more importantly it will massively increase your profit.

Profit = Real Money In Your Pocket

The way to increase your profit is to improve your lead generation conversion rate.

All good businesses should be tracking their cost to acquire a customer. If you are not then you need to start now. It is much more revealing if you track your numbers by category i.e. newspaper advertising, networking, internet etc. But if you are not good at tracking then at least track the total per month.

You need to track:

  1. The total amount you spend to acquire a customer
  2. The total number of leads you have generated
  3. The total number of new customers you have acquired.
  4. The average sale amount for each of your customers
  5. The average profit you make from each of your customers

So How Do You Triple Your Net Profit?

Think about it. If you attract 50 leads a month and you spend $500 a month for your leads, then each lead costs you $10

From these 50 leads a month you convert 10%, which is 5 new customers a month. These customers have cost you $500, so in effect they have cost you $100 each. If you make a $500 net profit from each customer you have a profit of $2,500

What if you improved your conversion rate to 30%. So the same number of leads i.e. 50 and the same $500 cost. But now you have 15 new customers.

Suddenly each customer has only cost you $33.33 and you have 10 more customers for the same total lead generation price so you have also added a fabulous $5,000 to your net profit.

Imagine how that feels!

Lead Conversion Chart

Triple Your Profits Lead Conversion Chart


If you could do a better job converting leads to paying customers
wouldn’t you already be doing it?


So what you need is powerful, easy to implement
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We have created:


“7 Strategies For
Converting Leads Into Paying Customers”

You will learn:

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  • a super simple strategy that will allow you to convert leads without actually having to sell
  • the little known secret that gets your potential customers to be lining up to buy from you
  • how to harness the enormous power of social proof
  • how to get your customers to happily pay you more than they do now
  • the brilliant strategy that will have your customers referring all of their friends


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Lead Conversion Strategies

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Lead Conversion Strategies

Lead Conversion Strategies


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