Domination Of Google

Total domination of page 1 on Google can be achieved quite quickly and easily for local SEO clients.

Bart Loadsman is a young chiropractor from Gonnellabah, NSW and practices in Lismore and Casino. Bart is a friend of our son Matthew. Lovely young man, no website and not much happening from a marketing point of view. Recently went out on his own so was looking for clients.

We try to take on one client on a no-fee basis at a time and, as a favour to our son, we took on Bart’s marketing.

This meant undertaking keyword research, building a website (June 2011), writing a few articles, creating a Google Places listing (which is not yet verified at the time of writing), adding accounts in all the important local directories and doing a small amount of back-linking which I started in the first week of July.

Almost immediately we were achieving multiple page one listings for each of our important keywords. On August 8, I took the following screenshot showing absolute domination of the main keyword (chiropractic Casino) we chose.

Total Domination of Google

Chiropractic Casino 7 out of 10 Google Page 1 Listings

It will be very interesting to see how the verification of the Google Places listing I created goes. Because it was a new listing, it had to verified by snail mail and that is a real pain in this fast electronic world. Come-on Google, get your act together!