Twitter Marketing

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Twitter as a social media space, is a popular platform for Australians young and old. According to, Twitter is the third most popular social network in Australia behind Facebook and LinkedIn. So Twitter marketing is important for your business.

While Facebook and LinkedIn require more details with account set up as well as maintenance, all you need to set up a Twitter account is basic information.  It is as simple as providing a descriptive paragraph about your brand, organisation or personality, and there you have it, a new Twitter account. Now what?

How Do You Actually Carry Out

Marketing With Twitter?

As a small business owner, your main purpose in creating a Twitter account is first and foremost, to promote and market your brand. One of the most important social media etiquettes to understand is that push marketing alone will turn people off your brand.

Social media is all about

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  • interaction,
  • relevancy and
  • the ability to engage with current and potential consumers. [/icon_list]

Social media users have the ability to un-follow you, block and report your account for spam. Rather than promoting your brand, the wrong strategy could potentially damage and inflict negative association with your brand.

Do You Have Enough Time To Manage Your Twitter Marketing?

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of time you have to maintain a Twitter account. As Twitter is a “followers” based account, your followers will expect you to feed them with useful content at regular intervals. Twitter is about online conversations, should you decide to utilise Twitter as a marketing tool, you need to upload content once or twice a week, chances are your content will be drowned out by the hundreds of constant conversations going on with other users at the time of your upload

My advice to small business owners is to spend 15 minutes a day to engage in social media activities. The beauty about Marketing with Twitter is that you can link it up with other social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Yes, you can do cross-platform marketing with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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