Getting To Page One In Google

Just about everyone searches on line for goods and services these days. And the bulk of searches are on Google. And, unless your website is in the top 3 places on Page 1 of Google your online visibility is going to be poor.

Google- first pageEveryone talks about being on the first page of google and a lot of people claim to be able to get you onto Google page one.

Here at SEO Web Magic, we take an ethical and strategic approach to search engine optimisation. This means we do nothing to upset Google in any way, no black hat techniques or any of the other nonsense that a lot of other online marketing companies will try on. You see, we don’t want to have your website end up in the sin bin or the famous Google sand-box.

Google’s Matt Cutts Talks About Getting More Visibility On-line

When we say that we can get you on the front page of Google and in one of the top three listings  we can actually prove it. More importantly we can get your website on the first page of Google for highly relevant keywords. Words that your potential customers are typing into the search engines to find you.

Be careful about who you engage to take care of your online marketing. Many companies claim to be SEO experts but they are really web designers, web developers, videographers doing web optimisation as a sideline.

SEODon’t get me started on how many people I know who have been stung by one of these types of firms. They hire someone to design and develop their website and along the way get told that the website will be optimised. After the website is finished and the money has exchanged hands (usually many thousands of dollars later) the web designer disappears into the woodwork and little to no optimisation has been done. You see, the structure of the website normally only accounts for a small part of SEO* and the rest is ongoing, tedious, back linking. It’s got to be done but don’t let a web designer convince you that they will do this for you.

* If you want to find out how to properly structure your website to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollar, give us a call to discuss a super effective strategy for turning your website into a lead generation magnet.

SEO is a long term strategy for getting your website to the top of the search engines and keeping it there. It is all about keeping in touch with the client, providing regular updates and collaborating on the ongoing process of turning online visibility into a steady stream of paying customers.

So to the proof. Ring and have a chat to Andrew – we offer a free consultation to potential new clients. When we establish that you are fair dinkum, we can show you all the proof you need to make a decision about whether to use our services or not.

We don’t sign you up for a long-term contract. If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the service we provide you can cancel with just 30 days notice.

Fill in the form here or give Andrew Riedel a call on 1300 885 487

I look forward to getting you on to the first page of Google for targeted keywords.