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Video Marketing Gold Coast

Here at SEO Web magic we are huge fans of video marketing for our Gold Coast clients. We also know that Google (aka The Big G) is hugely important to getting your websites ranked higher in the search engines.

Google loves Video Marketing

Now you may not be aware that Google owns YouTube. YouTube is THE largest repository of videos on the planet and, in fact, the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google. Naturally Google rates videos very highly. You’ve probably done a Google search or two in your time and have no doubt seen the proof of this. YouTube videos rank very highly in many searches.

That is one reason why video marketing is so important. Another factor to consider about video marketing is also Google related. A Google Places listing is a very important local marketing tool. You may not be aware that Google allows you to add up to 5 videos to your Google Places listing.
*Update: Google Places is now known as Google Plus Local

I grant you, a Google Places listing can be damn difficult to optimise. However, why not take every possible step to ensuring your Google Places listing is fully optimised?

If Google allows you to upload 5 videos, then why not take the opportunity to 100% optimise this facility? Same goes for the 10 photos you are able to upload, but that’s the subject of another article.

Video Marketing Gold Coast

A video or two on your website is also a great thing you can do to make your website more appealing and therefore more compelling. Videos can be used for;

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  • Explaining a special offer
  • Introducing yourself to your customers – giving a human face to your website. This is becoming more and more important as people like to buy from people they know, like and trust
  • Testimonials – get your best customers to say a few positive and encouraging words about you, your products and your services.
  • Training – you can make training videos for staff, or for your customers. How to use a products, frequently asked questions etc.


Now most people would rather run a mile than even think about Video Marketing.  But video marketing does not have to be difficult. There are a number of free services you can use to easily create interesting videos for your website, for YouTube and for your Google Places listing.

Animoto allows you to make 30 second videos quickly and easily for free! You can add their images and audio or upload your own. They also have a paid service that allows you to make longer videos. Check it out at

A free Techsmith product called Jing allows you to make free videos up to 5 minutes.  Jing is also a fantastic tool for taking screenshots. I love this tool. I use it virtually everyday. You can download it here;

Here are a couple of paid services that I use and are also very good for creating great videos;


Camtasia for your PC –

Screenflow for your Mac –
video marketing

The final product I wanted to talk about is the Kodak ZI8 video camera. We recently purchased this great little video camera and we love it. We can carry it easily everywhere we go so we can get testimonials and other videos on the fly. I recently had a client meeting and asked the guy if he minded me taking a brief video of him explaining about his business. Shot the video straight away and loaded it to YouTube and his website later that same day.

I got the ZI8 from after searching locally and not finding it for a decent price. It was $30 to $80 cheaper than elsewhere.

For more video marketing ideas and assistance with making video marketing work for you, give me a call – Andrew 0414 320 016.

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