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Web design is about much more than making your site look pretty. While that is certainly an important aspect, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Designing a website correctly could be the difference between success and failure online. Finding the right designer is crucial to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve on the Internet.

Whether you plan on selling via e-commerce over the Internet or promoting your small business online, designing proper WordPress websites is an important skill. If you do not possess this skill on your own, then you need to talk to us so that we can help you put together a fantastic website that is also SEO friendly.

All of our websites are custom designed and custom built.  You should never allow anyone to sell you a website theme.  These are often coded very badly with poor page load speeds and will cause long time delays in getting the site ranked.  Some of these themes will never get you ranked they are so poorly designed.

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E-Commerce Websites

For those of you selling e-commerce online, top-notch web design is especially important. Not only do you want to have a design that is very appealing to potential buyers, but it has to be user-friendly, SEO friendly, shopping onlinehave a working shopping cart that is simple for your customers to navigate and be capable of making the sale.

As you can imagine, many e-commerce websites have failed over the years. There is a delicate balance required in order to experience lasting success. A top-notch designer will know exactly how to create your website so that it is very enticing to potential buyers and ultimately a sales magnet.

We understand both correctly structured websites to function perfectly and to maximise your SEO efforts and the psychology behind what makes someone click and make a purchase.  An e-commerce website is the most technically difficult to build to get all of these elements working for your sales funnel. We have built many sites using a Woo Commerce shopping cart.  It works beautifully with your WordPress Website.

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Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites

The Internet changes quite some time ago and a lot of businesses haven’t kept up.  The way that your potential customers access the Internet has also changed. ResponsiveDid you know that more people are beginning to access the web through their mobile devices than their PCs or Macs?  We have some clients who have more than 80% of their traffic coming via a mobile phone.

What does this mean for business owners?

It’s quite simple. Business owners need responsive mobile friendly websites if they are going to succeed on the Internet. Its one thing to have a website that is accessible through a PC, but it’s another thing to have a website accessible through a mobile phone, tablet or other smart device. And this isn’t just about making the site responsive, it also needs different structures and sales funnels to cope with the way people use their phones.

You have to go where your customers are. If you think any of your potential prospects are looking for you on a mobile device, then you better well have a responsive mobile site available so that they can access your content and find your company.

Every Website That We Have Built For The Past 3 Years Has Been Structured To Function Correctly On Mobile Phones


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Small Business Websites

As a small business owner, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find customers through traditional methods of advertising. People are no longer using the yellow pages like they once were, in fact almost no-one ever looks at their Yellow Pages.  business graphPeople are no longer looking through classified advertisements in the local newspapers. People are no longer looking at advertisements that come in the mail.

Small business websites are crucial to success in today’s Internet environment. You can put up a website that talks about your products, services, shares a little bit of information about your employees and staff and ultimately lets people know who you are and what you are about.

In today’s digital world, people are looking to learn more about the companies that they are doing business with on a personal level. They are trying to find out who they are, what they stand for and what they represent. You have a unique opportunity to become an authority in your market and let your customers in to your world in a unique and engaging way. By granting customers this kind of access, you’ll have no choice but to succeed.

Being At The Top Of Google Has Replaced

Being The First Advert In The Yellow Pages


The First Thing You Need Is

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WordPress Websites

One of the largest changes to hit the Internet marketing industry over the years is the advent of WordPress. wordpressEven though WordPress was technically developed for bloggers, it has expanded and became a content management system, otherwise known as a CMS.

Having a simple way to create a responsive website very quickly is one of the major benefits of using WordPress. But not only that, there are so many interesting plug-ins that it makes it so easy to use WordPress as your method of growing and expanding your online presence.

In truth, out of all of the potential content management systems out there, WordPress is the easiest to navigate. Plus, there are so as a WordPress developer we can create anything to help customize your site in order to meet your needs.

Other than incredible custom design options WordPress developed their Web Platform so that it adheres to all the requirements of W3C.  This is one of the reasons these sites rank so much easier and faster in the search engines.  We only build WordPress Websites, why would we want to make our job so much harder?

As An SEO Company Who Ranks Websites

We Only Build Websites On The WordPress Platform 


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SEO Web Design

In order to obtain high search engine rankings, the easiest and most efficient way to reach the top of the search results is through SEO friendly site-architecture. SEO RedSEO web design is necessary if you’re looking to achieve search engine success.

Most Graphic Designers and website developers let alone small business owners have no idea how to properly structure a site.  This is an SEO skill.  That’s where we come into the picture to lend a helping hand. We have studied the best SEO site architecture and have created many of these perfectly set up websites throughout the years. We have lots of experience and we’d like to help you benefit from our knowledge and understanding.

We can design an SEO website that ideally suits your company needs. We will design it in a way that will skyrocket you up the Google ladder so that you can obtain fantastic search engine results in no time at all.

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Here’s what it all boils down to…

Web design is a lot more than just simple website development. It’s a lot more than graphic design, converting PSD files, and uploading images and videos. And it’s much more than CSS coding and hosting. It’s the lifeblood of your business, and without it your chances of success slowly dwindle down to nothing.

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