Facebook “Nearby” The New Secret Weapon For Local Business


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The Power of Word Of Mouth Referral

Did you know that Word of Mouth referrals from friends, family and your peer group have a 92% trust factor. This means if I recommend your business to a friend they are 92% more likely to become a customer. They already trust you.


Facebook “Nearby” Application

Did you know that in December 2012 Facebook expanded its Mobile Phone Application to include “Facebook Nearby”

Facebook Nearby will prove to be the most important Facebook advancement for local businesses in your industry … ever!


I am going to keep this really simple, no tech talk.
It’s because the Facebook Nearby Application allows the potential customer to search for local businesses in your industry on their Smart phone and brings up a list of those businesses that:

  • Have a Facebook Business Page, some people call them fan pages
  • Gives priority to the Business Pages that have been liked or what is called “checked into” by their personal Facebook Friends. “Checking in” is simply your customers posting on Facebook “ Hi I am having a coffee, my hair cut etc at Brenda’s Beauty Salon – imagine your business name here”
  • Gives priority to the Business Pages that have received rated reviews by their personal Facebook friends or other Facebook Reviewer

What Does This Mean For You?

More than 50% of Australians now own a Smart phone and this is rising daily. Australians love to have the latest technology. Not only do they own one, but they use it more and more to search for products and services, especially services.

And especially local services:

  • Restaurants
  • Hairdressers
  • Locksmiths
  • Beauty Salons
  • Repair Services
  • Motor Mechanics
  • and the list goes on

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you would know that Facebook is massive. In September 2012 there were 14.6 million registered Facebook users in Australia.

It isn’t going to be long and most people in Australia will be choosing businesses in your industry by going into their Facebook Nearby Application.

Facebook Generating Profits

Facebook Generating Profits

Do You Want To Be The Business That Pops To The Top Of The Search
And Collects All That Money?

So instead of me, the potential customer, ringing up 5 of my friends and asking who do they use to repair their car, or cut their hair etc, I simply use “Facebook Nearby Application” and I can instantly see who my friends use and contact that business.

Can you image the number of new customers that will come to your business by the most trusted means out there – word of mouth marketing. Their Facebook friends have told them you are already awesome. And Facebook isn’t even going to charge your business for this.

Facebook “Nearby” is FREE!

So if you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page, you need to get one TODAY

Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch and get in first. You want your current loyal customers liking and “checking into” your Facebook Business Page as soon as possible, to build up your Facebook profile and ensure your business pops to the top of your current customers recommendations.

We know that setting up Facebook Business Pages can be a little techie and bewildering. You have better things to do with your time.

You Need Someone Who Knows
What They Are Doing

And to make the most of “Facebook Nearby” you need someone who knows which boxes to tick and which options to choose. You need to know which category to choose or you won’t show in Facebook Nearby Application. It needs to be set up correctly or you will miss out.

You also need someone to create a cover image for you. This is what I mean by a cover image.

Don’t Get Your Facebook
Business Page Banned

It has to be the correct size and Facebook have all sorts of rules about creating a Cover Image. If you don’t get it right, Facebook will ban your Business Page

So to make it easy for you we have created a super affordable Facebook Business Page Set up Package

Your Package includes:

  • The set up your Facebook Business Page
  • Adding your Page to the correct Category
  • Adding all the information about your business to your Business Page
  • Add a link to your website
  • Creating a compliant “Cover Image”
  • Loading your “Cover Image” to the page
  • Converting your logo if you have one to the correct size for the logo image section
  • Loading your “Logo Image”


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Once we have created your “Facebook Business Page” you may want to change your “Cover Image” to show different sections of your business or new product you wish to showcase.

Of course we are more than happy to do this for you, but we love helping local businesses save money.

I hope you get the enormity of “Facebook Nearby” and how it is going to change the face, excuse the pun, of how potential customers find local businesses.

Get your new Facebook Business Page right now and, if you’re not sure, just give us a ring and we can get all your questions answered.

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