Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Get Found Online

Local SEO

Our Local SEO Packages are designed for the business that operates in a small town, suburb or even a region such as the Gold Coast. Capitalise on your hard work in getting your business operating and “open of customers” by having your website found online. being on page one of Google will mean that your website will be working as hard as you do.

National Web Optimisation

Your Marketplace: Australia

National SEO

Our national SEO Packages are designed for businesses that operate on a national level and have customers all over Australia. Customers of these businesses are likely to be able to order online and have their purchases delivered Australia wide. Reward your hard work by having your website work as hard as you do.

Global Online Marketing and Web Optimisation

The World Market

Global SEO

If you have a business that operates globally then one of our global SEO packages will be right for you. You might sell digital products or have physical products that you have drop shipped into your major market places. Or you provide a service that can be delivered by webinar, email or Skype. Whatever the business, if your customers live anywhere in the world, a global SEO package will strengthen your online presence.

Panda And Penguin Penalty Prevention And Recovery

Google Panda Penguin

Google Algorithm

If your website has suddenly taken a dive in the rankings then chances are you have been hit by one of the hundreds of Google Algorithm updates that occur every year. These can devastate a business over night. We can do a review of your website to find out why you have been hit. Or better yet, we can review your website and see how likely it will be hit in a future update. Click Here To Find Out More.


Are You A Local Business Frustrated
With A Lack Of Customers?

When was the last time someone found you
on  Google, Bing or Yahoo or anywhere else for that matter?


Your customers are sitting in front of their computers right now looking for your product or service.

Let us connect you.
A paying customer and your business is a marriage made in heaven!

When was the last time you did anything about capturing new customers from the people moving to your area?

Are you an SEO sceptic? Do you want to continue to be a sceptic and go broke or do you want to give this a shot?

We Will Develop A Customised Local SEO

Plan Especially For Your Needs

To Target Your Specific Area

Possible Options For Your Business…

  • Keyword research
    “There is no point ranking for a term no one searches for”
  • Help you get that website fixed so that Google loves it
    “Instead of hating it”
  • Google Maps/Places/+Local
    “Or whatever you call it!”
  • Local directory listings
    “Lots and lots of them”
  • Video creation, distribution and optimisation
    “Make YouTube your best friend”
  • Harness the power of social media linking
    “It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it”
  • Article and Blog writing
    “Because you say you will, but never do!”
  • Press Releases
    “Someone has to blow your trumpet”
  • Links from other quality websites
    “Don’t ask, this is the secret sauce, and just like KFC we’re not giving out our recipe”

You Can Choose Between

A Local Strategy


A National Or Global Plan Of

5 Highly Targeted Keywords

We provide fully flexible options depending on what you are looking for.


Call Us NOW

To Discuss Your Business And Ideal Customer

And We Will Provide A Personalised Quote

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Are You Looking To Attract Customers From All Over Australia?

We recognise that marketing online is different for businesses whose target market is Australia wide.

It is a much bigger pond to fish in and requires some serious thought and planning if you want to get onto the first page of Google and access the hoards of paying customers who are looking for your product or service. We also recognise there are differences between businesses and industries and different strategies must be adopted.

National SEO Packages

Your Marketplace: Australia


We Are All About Customising SEO Plans To Give You The Best Result For Your Business

How do we get you to the top of Google

  • Keyword research
    “We use our secret system to find keywords that are highly searched, with lower levels of real competition.”
  • Help you get that website fixed so that Google loves it
    “If you want to fish in this pond you 100% have to get this right”
  • Video creation, distribution and optimisation
    “YouTube is the fastest growing search engine, we use our whip and chair to tame it “
  • Harness the power of social media marketing
    “This horse works harder than Black Caviar in race 22″
  • Article and Blog writing
    “We know you will never write all that content required to feed the hungry Google Spiders”
  • Press Releases
    “Let us tell the world that your business is stupendous”
  • Links from other quality websites
    “These little babies were born to race your site to Google page one.”
  • Blog and Forum commenting
    ” Now this one is really tedious, lucky we do it for you”
  • Google Maps/Places/+Local
    “Even though you are in the big pond, you still want to attract customers from little pond”
  • Local directory listings
    “Better than paying for a Yellow Pages Advertisement, so where did we put that door stop?”

A National SEO Plan


Or A Global Strategy Of 10 Highly Targeted Keywords

We provide flexible options depending on what you are looking for.


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Are You Playing In The Big League And The World Is Your Sand Pit?

Are you wanting to SEO your website so that it attracts customers from the four corners of the globe?

global search engine optimisation

Worldwide Domination!

This is serious business and highly competitive. It takes a dedicated, consistent and systematic approach to crack the first page of Google and beat all that competition. Google doesn’t just let anyone get that top spot, they like to see a little blood, sweat and tears first.

We take our National SEO Plan and turbo charge it.

It is so exciting seeing those orders come in from the United States, Europe, England and all parts of Asia.

Consistency And Dedication Will Win The Global Google Game. We have years of expertise and never let those Google updates like Panda and Penguin deviate us from the prize.

We Play The Google Game To Win For You

How do we play…

  • Keyword research
    “Keyword choices are the difference between having a “Royal Flush” and three Aces. They will make or break you in the big league”
  • Help you get that website fixed so that Google loves it
    “There are certain things that Google needs to see to give you the prize. If they don’t see them, no prize!”
  • Video creation, distribution and optimisation
    “Let YouTube access it’s beautiful global audience to drive starving customers to your business”
  • Harness the power of social media linking
    “Social Media is becoming the biggest game in town, you need to have a place at the table”
  • Article and Blog writing
    “Pictures are worth a thousand words, not in Google land. The more relevant words on the page the bigger the win”
  • Press Releases
    “To win in the big league people need to know all about your business, the latest and greatest”
  • Links from other quality websites
    “Thousands of people telling Google how much they just love your website and it had better shape up and put you on the first page”
  • Blog and Forum commenting
    ” Helping your industry or niche get noticed as an expert in your field”
  • Google Maps/Places/+Local
    “A little more juice using local techniques and strategies (just at a much increased level of intensity) to win the global SEO game.”
  • Local directory listings
    “Another 40 ways for people to find your website, awesome stuff!”

A Global Campaign Needs To Be Very Specific

To Your Industry Or Niche


Give Us A Call Today

To Discuss How We Can Position

Your Business To Take Advantage

Of A Flow Of Customers From

Throughout The World


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